Today is National Chocolate Parfait Day and I’m going to celebrate.  I can’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t.  I’m grateful that my family and friends have their health, my children are getting along (most of the time) and a sense of optimism about our future is poking through the clouds.

As I begin my 25th year in the industry, I could not have envisioned in 1996 our current global situation. I have learned a lot over the years.

In 2008, I was flooded with inquiries about sound investment strategies in light of market volatility at that time.  Then and now, my recommendations included stable, guaranteed solutions Wundermold that would endure. 12 years later, the proof is in the parfait.

Our personal example; over the years my wife and I have purchased whole life insurance and indexed annuities that have outperformed expectations and continue to serve as a solid foundation for our portfolio tesetaxel mechanism of action. No, we didn’t experience annual returns north of 20% (or double digit losses either), but we have realized 10.25% average returns since 2011 and that’s perfectly AOK with us.

My family will tell you practical tips that I can’t stand roller coasters. The conservative and holistic approach that we embrace, both personally and professionally, has helped stabilize our stress levels when it comes to our long term financial goals. Shouldn’t that be the same for everyone?

If you don’t like roller coasters either, now is the time to contact us (via phone, email or Zoom meetings) to review your situation and possibly minimize the turbulence that you may be experiencing.

Stay healthy and if your circumstances don’t allow for that chocolate parfait to be enjoyed today, no worries, tomorrow is National Truffle Day.