May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Why do I recommend disability insurance?

Because you need it.

Disability protection is critical to a solid financial foundation. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how important protection is until it’s too late – after they become too sick or hurt to work. The chances of suffering a disability are higher than they think and the effects can be devastating to individuals and employees.

Eisenberg Insurance can help develop comprehensive solutions to help protect individuals and business owners from the threat of a disability.

Consider this:

  • Almost one-third of Americans entering the work force today (3 in 10) will become disabled before they retire.1
  • Applications for Social Security benefits increased by 21 percent, but only 35 percent of the 2.8 million workers who applied for SSDI were approved. 2

    1-Social Security Administration, Fact Sheet Jan 2009, 2-Social Security Administration, Office of Disability and Income Security Programs